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Dear Petitioner,


Congratulations on taking the first steps to become a Freemason. Your petition will be read at our next stated meeting.  Part of the process is the completion of a background investigation. This ensures that you are who you say you are and verifies the statements that you made on your petition to join are true.


You will be asked to pay $14.95 with a credit card directly to the company that does the investigations for the Grand Lodge of Indiana. The results of the investigation are kept in the strictest of confidence. Only the Lodge Secretary and the investigating committee will see the complete report. The Lodge Membership only knows if the investigation reveals any issues that need to be shared before voting on your membership.


It is important to use a land-based computer as phones and pads can cause errors in the application process.



  • on APPLY NOW. Highlight the Gray radio button next to MEMBERSHIP, below PLEASE SELECT BACKGROUND SCREEN TYPE. on the blue box that says CONTINUE.


Continue to fill out the form entering your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT INFORMATION, PERSONAL INFORMATION and ALTERNATE NAMES. When you get to the section that says LOCATION, click on the dropdown menu that says PLEASE SELECT and scroll down to Warsaw and click on that name.  


That tells the system that you want to join Warsaw Lodge in Warsaw and the system then knows where to send the report.  Notification will be emailed to you along the way so you will know your status.  You may ask for a copy of the Background Report or the Lodge may give you one.


You will also be contacted by our Lodge investigating committee to complete our background investigation.  The investigating committee should complete their investigation in time to vote on your petition at the next stated meeting following the one after your petition was read. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.




Sheal Dirck, PM


Cell: (574) 527-1725


Petition For Membership

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